Dental Assistant

With a warm smile and a gentle hand, Jackie has been brightening the dental experience for patients across several states for over 30 years. Her journey in the dental world began at Dallas Oral Surgery, mastering the essentials of patient care and surgical assistance.

Her passion for dental health and her adventurous spirit took her to Austin Oral Surgery, where she honed her expertise. The call of new challenges led Jackie to Alabama, where she broadened her skill set in the specialized field of orthodontics, learning directly from some of the most proficient practitioners in the industry.

Having grown up in Victoria, TX, Jackie eventually found her way back to her Texan roots, and settled down in Kerrville, TX. Here, she served the community at the Sid Peterson Hospital, further enriching her medical background before returning to her first love—dentistry. She brought her deep well of knowledge and experience to an orthodontic office and then to a general dentist in Fredericksburg. We are thrilled to have Jackie contribute to the health and happiness of our patients here at Paige Priour DDS.

Jackie’s extensive experience is complemented by her rich personal life, deeply influenced by her family. As one of nine siblings, Jackie’s upbringing was filled with adventures and explorations, camping across the U.S., which fostered her lifelong love for the great outdoors. Her creativity shines through her hobbies; whether she’s immersed in a book, sketching a serene landscape, or adding color to a canvas, Jackie brings the same attention to detail and care that she brings to her professional life.

Her eclectic taste in music, ranging from the soul-stirring sounds of Classic Rock to the soothing harmonies of classical music, resonates through the office, often being the subtle backdrop to a comfortable and relaxing environment for her patients.

Jackie credits her tireless work ethic and dedication to her parents, whose hardworking and tenacious spirits continue to inspire her. She stands as a testament to their legacy, embodying their values in every aspect of her work.

When you visit our practice, Jackie’s rich background and genuine enthusiasm for patient care create not just a visit to the dentist, but an experience that’s both comforting and assuring, leaving you with a smile that’s both beautiful and bright.

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